Welcome to the Allanson Accords, a place to follow my journey and to share in the many hobbies that make life interesting! Why the Allanson Accords, you ask?

· Allan-the name of my late father who passed away suddenly during my teen years. I am his son, hence the shortening to Allanson. Plus it sounds awesome.

· Accord– “to be harmonious or consistent with”. Also the model of my first car named Carrie. She still runs and takes me where I want to go.

The accords of me, Allanson. My goal is to share my experiences with you in the hopes of helping you in some way. From as early as I can remember I have always been encouraged to ask “Why?”. This always questioning attitude has been difficult at times, but it has led to some very interesting circumstances that many people my age haven’t had. I don’t think anything happens without reason, and if my experiences can help someone with their life, who am I to keep them a secret?

So welcome! Let’s learn together!